Choux Choux Gelato

Power to give people a break in the day to play or rest was the desire to Claudia, Raphael, Liliana and Edwin had to start this project.

"We proposed to meet this objective, list of toys or games that everyone remembered and did happiest childhood to develop the imagination with this information.

Additionally, our clients asked us to brand design expressed through the care with which they choose and prepare their products and the importance of the craftsmanship of each of their products. The solution for this was in the style: simple compositions connote neat and rigor combined with monochrome illustrations that make us feel the designs through a bygone era."



Designed by: p576, Bogotá, Colombia

Creative direction: Arutza Rico Onzaga

Graphic Design: Maria Silva, Felipe Osorio

Illustrations: Angelica Valle, Felipe Osorio

Brand strategy:Arutza Rico Onzaga

Photos from our portfolio: Javier Ramirez / Lucho Marino.

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