Ridley's The New Kaleidoscope Range

07 12 13 Ridleys 1

Who's game for some good old-fashioned fun? Over the weekend, I grabbed coffee at my favorite local shop and went to check out the bontique shops. Ridley’s House of Novelties vintage box got my attention.

The illustrations really capture the dime-store/magic-shop gestalt of these products. I was also impressed with how far they were willing to go with the faux-vintage background color of these boxes. Personally, I’m attracted to the time-worn look of old retail boxes that you find in thrift shops, but I wonder if some stores might be put off by packages that looks almost shop-worn even though they’re brand new.



Original packaging designed by Ridley's New Kaleidoscope edition, designed by Wild & Wolf, London, UK

Packaging Design, Illustration, Branding and Typography by Joe Snow

Ridley's Kaleidoscope is a super range of traditional games, toys and jokes, all enclosed in 1960's inspired colourful vintage style packaging. 

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