Before & After: PROBAR

Struck refreshed PROBAR, giving the 100% vegan bar more than an update but a branded system. "PROBAR has long been known as maker of some of the healthiest, tastiest, 100% vegan bars around. They have a lot to offer. PROBAR has been used to constantly innovating new products and flavors and getting them to market quickly. However, this high degree of ingenuity and rapid pace of production resulted in different looking packaging and no real framework for rolling out products. Their products simply got lost on the shelves."




"So they came to Struck with a request: they wanted a fresh, hip, tasty-looking brand revamp to help them stick out from the prolific array of colorful bars on the grocery store aisles. After a few rounds of research, input and several dozens of consumed bars, we knew they need more than an update—they needed a branded system. We fine-tuned it all down to final masterpieces, each having a clear purpose, clean look, and holistic relationship within the (growing) PROBAR family."

Designed by Struck, Los Angeles/ Salt Lake City/ Portland/ New York City





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07 11 13 probar 4

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