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Native Microwave is a range of product aimed at "Digital Natives" (those of us who had a 'walkman' in our hands by the age of ten, yes, you and practically everyone that was born after 1980) "The product family Native Microwave is a concept born as a result of intensive research by Lékué and Fundació Alícia on microwave cooking and concluded with the launch of a new collection conceived and designed by  SeriesNemo (Barcelona) specifically to lead this new culinary revolution.
 Rice&Grain Cooker, PastaCooker, Omelette and MinuteCake offer practical solutions for healthy, quick and affordable cooking for everyone in the microwave."




Each product in the range fits the design profile both aesthetically and functionally. Great product (and food) photography not only make it possible for Lékué to show that off right on the package,  It gives consumers the idea that they can cook up amazing dishes, yes, with a microwave. 

The information given here on each box is impressive and it is all done, visually. People (especially "Digital Natives") read less and less. The Rice & Grain Cooker for example, They learn that they can cook up to at least 5 different grains of rice with it, they also learn how long each will take - only by looking at the packaging - BEFORE even purchasing it. 

Designed by SeriesNemo, Barcelona 

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"MinuteCake: Taste a dessert made in minutes with MinuteCake, a mold for cooking individual portions in the microwave. You can eat it from the mold or serve it directly at the table."


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"Omelette: With "Omelette" it’s can very easy and quick to cook in microwave and you can by add your favorite ingredients. Preparing a zucchini omelette in just 5 minutes. Has never been easier."


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"PastaCooker: Pasta is a basic food that is recommended 2 or 3 times for our weekly menu and now we can enjoy it in a few minutes with the PastaCooker. Cook any kind of pasta in the microwave, the fastest and cleanest way. A product contemporary and with dual material (plastic and silicone)."


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"Rice&Grain Cooker: It’s the first product of the collection “Native Microwave”, aimed at all “digital natives”? Congratulations, now cooking is easier than ever! A nice bowl of silicone and plastic where you can cook your rice in a few minutes."


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