7Up Argentina, Carnaval 2013

06 20 13 7upcarnival 1

Packaging design and illustration made for the carnival edition of 7Up Argentina. This packaging was distributed in various places through all the country.

"We send to PepsiCo Argentina a lot of different options of design and illustration. The elected design for the special edition was finalized by Carlos André Pires, but began as a combination of my texture feathers and the dancer, that was made by Nicolás Rudnitzky. Through this elements the design communicate all the joy, happiness and beauty of the carnival season."




Project made in Pierini Partners

Designed by Carlos André Pires, Buesnos Aires


06 20 13 7upcarnival 2

06 20 13 7upcarnival 3

06 20 13 7upcarnival 4