The New Spirit of South American Packaging Design

"There is a new sense of professionalism fueling the growth of the South American creative industry."

The world of packaging design in South America is changing, and changing rapidly. Historically, in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and other developing economies, the culture of copy prevailed. But South Americans now are discovering their originality in fashion, furniture and packaging design - Up until recently packaging design in South America was seen as a late-stage activity. The new model is much more design-driven. Design is now part of the earliest stages of product development and stays with the process all the way trough.

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Today the competition in the supermarkets keeps growing day by day and multinationals are forcing regional brands to differentiate and personalize their brand and packaging identity. With cosmopolitan populations and improved access to international markets through global media, the countries of South America are home to groups of consumers with an increasing taste for well-designed packages. Also the pressure to export is forcing local companies to invest in professional design to create packaging solutions that can seduce global consumers.


Argentina - Kitchen of Africa by Tridimage


Colombia / Bogota Beer by Lip


Peru / 338 by Infinito


Peru / Salgado by Krissoyan


Urruguay / Nora Rey by Cruce

This creative spirit is driving innovation in packaging design. Whether packaging designers or manufacturers, there is a new sense of professionalism fueling the growth of the South American creative industry.

Tango for export

European influences permeate Argentina's art, architecture, music, culinary, literature, lifestyle and design, yet it manages to retain unique identity of its own. Tourists and investors are now flooding Buenos Aires, enamoured by its creativity and bustle. After the 2001 crisis, Argentine manufacturers have put idle capacity back to work and have stepped up exports to fetch stronger currencies. In recent years the status of design in Argentina has risen. A lot of consumer product companies realized that it's important to work with packaging design consultancies from the very beginning of a project in order to add value to their brands. Also a surprising amount of creative agencies in brand design, packaging and advertising are under their own steam exporting their design services to regional and international. Argentina’s multi-cultural heritage - heavily influenced by its Latin American and European immigrants, gives its agencies a solid knowledge of the Latin American market and an understanding of global brand perspective. 


Argentina / Fruttimania by Tridimage


Argentina / Orizon by Tridimage


Argentina / Antigua Cruz by Tridimage


Argentina / Brugal Papá Andrés by Tridimage

A toast to the future 

Chile and Argentina are among the largest wine producers and exporters in the world. Over the past ten years, the wine industry has experienced the greatest growth in its history which boosted the need for specialized packaging design services. Chilean and Argentine wine designers are diving into local imagery to reawaken local values using strategies focused on origin recognition. Oddly shaped and boldly designed labels now reach diverse export markets and some bottles even feature personalized structural design solutions in smaller volumes.


Chile / Ayllu by Piano y Piano


Argentina / Veneto by Tridimage


Argentina / Los Poetas by Boldrini Ficcardi


Argentina / Ikal by Tridimage


Argentina / Efusivo by Iuvaro

Colorful and free

Brazil is Latin America’s largest producer of packaging. Currently the largest packaging design firms are based around São Paulo and almost 50% have been on the market for ten years which reflects the maturity of the industry. The Committee of Design of the local packaging industry association (ABRE) has spent the past years working with local universities to develop excellent graduate programs in packaging engineering and design. Brazil is well known for the uniqueness of its people and culture. It is not a surprise then that colors and expressive shapes reflect the authenticity of Brazil’s spirit in packaging design. Like its natural landscape, colorful labels, energetic logos and sensuous packaging structures populate Brazilian aisles. The next few years could bring a step change in the quality and creativity of packaging design in this part of the world. Distinctive and sophisticated packaging is poised for significant future growth in South America as design is making great headway into business.


Brazil / Lux by Casa Rex


Brazil / Trickroc by Pande


Brazil / Amo by Tatil

Hernán Braberman is Partner & Design Director of Tridimage, a leading South American integrated graphic and structural packaging design consultancy, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and with offices in Mexico DF, Bogota and Madrid.