Rae Foods Mini Muffins

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Matthew Stuckey at Be Friendly created a little treat for the eyes for RaeFoods who produce high quality muffins which are dairy, egg, peanut and soy free. That's great, but if they're not delicious no one would care and as the packaging declares "everyone deserves delicious". Our aim with the branding and packaging was to create a look that would appeal to kids (and hence parents), yet also look at home in high quality focused retail outlets.



The ingredients used in the product are extremely carefully chosen, so we felt every design element had to be carefully considered too.

By adopting a limited colour palette we introduced a sense of simplicity and focus to the packaging. Each flavour has a corresponding character to give the product cuteness and personality, but again we kept the characters ostensibly simple to clearly differentiate this product from sugar laden kids' snacks and their garish mascots. The high contrast candy stripes serve two purposes: they are immediately recognizable on a shelf or in a freezer; and also indicate that this is a treat, like a cup of popcorn (striped), candy (striped) or a cupcake (striped wrapper) just a lot healthier.

Designed by Matthew Stuckey at Be Friendly , Autralia 

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