The Dieline Package Design Awards 2013: Spirits, 2nd Place - John Walker & Sons, Diamond Jubilee

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John Walker & Sons Diamond Jubilee is a very limited edition whisky created as a tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s 60 years of enlightened leadership. To mark this historic occasion as a royal warrant holder, Johnnie Walker asked Raison Pure NYC to become the creative force and Art Director for all the design and creative aspects of the project.



John Walker & Sons Diamond Jubilee is a showcase of optimism, achievement and great collaboration between the client, Raison Pure NYC and the craftsmen. It features a diamond shaped decanter standing on six pillars representing each decade of the Queen’s reign, as well as 60 facets reflecting the diversity and dynamism of the Commonwealth. The radiance of the decanter reflects Her Majesty as the royal guiding light and marks the forward-looking foundation of Johnnie Walker. The experience includes two hand-engraved crystal glasses, a hand-bound personalized booklet chronicling the detailed craftsmanship with an authentication certificate all housed within a custom oak cabinet.

The challenge was to create a totem to the Queen's achievement, one that elevates the spirit and celebrates the best of British craftsmanship, an iconic piece that will translates perfectly the 60 years of her reign The second one was to coordinate flawlessly the work of all the artisans and ensuring the quality of the work and consistency of the design.

Only 60 numbered bottles of the precious 1952 liquid (the year of the Queen's ascension to the throne) were produced. The first of which was presented to Queen Elizabeth II herself on the anniversary of her Diamond Jubilee. Two bottles will remain on permanent display, while the remaining 57 bottles will be sold privately through the John Walker & Sons house. The Diamond Jubilee profits will go to fund the Queen's charity, QEST, which supports craft education.

Jeremy Lindley – Global Design Director, Diageo
Steve Wilson – CEO, Invigor8tion
Laurent Hainaut – Creative Director / President, Raison Pure International
Lorena Seminario – Creative Director, Raison Pure International
Marco Leone – Designer, Raison Pure International
Harry Chong – Design Director, Raison Pure International
Alex Boulware – Designer, Raison Pure International
Linda Tseng – Production Manager, Raison Pure International
Yves Parisse, Manager, Cold Workshop, Baccarat,
John Hunt, Silversmith & Workshop Manager, Hamilton & Inches
Neil Stevenson, Designer & Cabinetmaker
Laura West, Bookbinder
Sally Magnum, Calligrapher
Katy Holford, Creative & Managing Director, Cumbria Crystal
Philip Lawson Johnston, Hand Engraver of Glass


Designed by Raison Pure NYC

Location: New York, United States

Placement: 2nd 

Category: Spirits



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Special Thanks to inwork and MWV