The Dieline Package Design Awards 2013: Fresh Food, 3rd Place - Dynamite

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DYNAMITE - The sausage that bites back (Die Wurst die zurück beisst) M.I.L.K. food design & innovation lab developed product and packaging design for a mind - blowing chili flavored sausage innovation for Gerrmany’s retail market. Successfully launched as a seasonal highlight product for those who like it hot!



The brand’s vision is “Don’t be a maybe” (Lass dich nicht verbiegen = German for don’t let them break you). Metaphorically for the typical shape of the classic German Fleischwurst-sausage, shaped as a half-moon / loop / curl) 


Designed by  M.I.L.K. food design & innovation lab

Location: Germany 

Placement: 3rd Place 
Category: Fresh Food 


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Special Thanks to inwork and MWV