Last Chance To Register: The Dieline Conference Begins in 2 Days

1 Week Post 06 21

Last Chance to Register! The Dieline Conference begins in 2 days!


At The Dieline Package Design Conference, June 23-26 in San Francisco, you'll learn the language and tools necessary to convince decision makers that your design is truly communicating to the brand target.


You'll choose from sessions like Packaging a Brand with David Turner, where he'll use case studies to demonstrate how you can elevate your standing in the marketing food chain and become the primary author of a brand's visual identity.


Don't miss the opening keynote: Tweet, Pin, Post, and Text: Designing Your Digital Moment Of Truth with Steve Kazanjian, where he'll talk about how in less than four years, 25% of all consumer packaged goods will be purchase online and give you tips on how can marketers best design effective and emotional packaging that will connect with consumers on mobile, tablet, and web. 


Diane Lindquist