Student: Wes Anderson Special Collector's Edition

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Megumi Kakomoto (CSUN '11) created Wes Anderson Special Collector's Edition as student project back in 2011 as part of a packaging class assignment. It wasn't until recently that it surfaced up to our attention and we simply have to feature it.



"I always liked Wes Anderson films - how they were very stylized. The stories, certain camera angles they use, specific font used, character developments etc. I wanted to capture that whole look & feel with the packaging, so I decided to use the suitcase as a container - which you can see in the "The Darjeeling Limited".

Once you open the suitcase, you see all the different pieces of clothing inside - each costume represents a film. Included within each individual films are 2 discs; the film itself and a CD soundtrack.

It is a great set if you are fan of Wes Anderson for sure!"

Megumi is now a graphic designer in Los Angeles, California. She currently works as a freelance designer for Frances Read, and also as a digital designer for Westfield Corp. She is originally from Japan but she does not eat sushi.


Designed by Megumi Kakomoto, Los Angeles

Instructor: Joe Bautista, California State University, Northridge


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