Quaker Oats' Larry Gets an Updated Look

Images from Hornall Anderson

Hornall Anderson updated Quaker brand's image - with an updated look on Larry, the iconic quaker man and unification of the brand's global packaging. The iconic Quaker, also known as Larry received a brighter, and more optimistic look (and apparantly lost 5 lbs?). 

"When Quaker faced a fragmented brand identity and waning relevance, our team dove in to find out what the brand truly means to consumers globally. We discovered that the Quaker icon affectionately known as Larry is a symbol that is meaningful around the world. So we set out to make the brand more contemporary without sacrificing its rich history. Quaker isn't just your grandpa's oatmeal. We turned consumer perception on its head by aligning the Quaker brand with the energetic optimism of the product experience."



WATCH THE VIDEO on the the new design and clips of Conan O'Brian and Steve Colbert's reactions.

Designed by Hornall Anderson, Seattle/ London 


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One Size Does Not Fit All

By understanding cultural nuances and preserving important local equities, we made informed, cohesive design decisions while maintaining relevance in each market. 

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Breakfast Happens Everywhere

By conducting extensive in-market ethnographies, we were able to understand the emotion tied to breakfast from a global perspective - and the work was better for it.

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