Chobani Redesigned and Redefined for UK Market

06 11 13 chobani 1

Chobani took the opportunity to revamp their yogurt packaging after a legal fight over the term "Greek Yogurt" with Fage, who claimed that the term can only be used to described yogurt from Greece (Chobani is made in the US) Chobani's UK packages now refers to their yogurt  as "Strained Yogurt". The challenge only effects Packages sold in the UK. In the US market, Chobani remained as Greek Yogurt. 




"As Chobani has grown from our humble beginnings we have always looked to provide better options. We have redesigned our packaging for the UK to ensure that we clearly communicate what we stand for as a brand. Naturally sourced ingredients and a simple, crafted product that is deliciously thick, creamy and high in protein. We also simplified to ensure that our identity remained clear and uncluttered so that we could build on our brand rather than the graphic play on our previous packaging." 

*An appeal as been granted - the case will be heard in September*

Designed by Chobani 


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