New Miller Lite Bottle Design

The new Miller Lite bottle is upgrading the light beer category! The sleek design provides an innovative, contoured shape that is a modern interpretation of the brand’s legendary long neck. The new Miller Lite bottle will only be available in bars and restaurants this summer.



Inspired by form and design, the modern look of the new bottle offers broad shoulders and a contoured grip, intended for easy handling from the bar to the pool table. The bottle defies the convention of the standard cylinder-shaped bottle, helping Miller Lite stand out among the brown bottle sameness of other light beers.
Ryan Reis, Senior Director of Miller Lite:
“Miller Lite is giving beer lovers a long-overdue reinvented look and drinking experience with the breakthrough new bottle design. In our testing, consumers overwhelmingly preferred the new bottle to the standard beer bottle. We’re proud of the new design and we’re excited to see how everyone reacts to our new look. This time when you grab a Miller Lite, you’ll know it.”
Charles Ho Fung, Head of Design, MillerCoors, stated:
"Design helps deliver on the promise of Miller Time." 
The bottle was developed by the industry-leading designers from 4sight inc., a company renowned for its revolutionary product and package innovations. By engaging existing Miller Lite consumers in interactive brainstorming and targeted focus groups, 4sight inc. collected key insights to create a bottle that would reflect what consumers were looking for in their drinking experience and give them a new tool to take their Miller Time celebrations with friends to the next level. 
Stuart Leslie, President of 4sight said:
“The beer category is focusing heavily on packaging design innovation and the new bottle from Miller Lite will take this category to new places. We are proud to help Miller Lite use design as a tool to influence the market and continue to be an industry leader.”

Designed by 4sightinc, NYC