Souzsnab HORECA

Souzsnab HORECA brings simplicity and clarity to the cafe and restaurant industry. Designed by Nadie Parshina, whose we first concept work we first featured in 2009. She explains her process in concepting Souzsnab HORECA:

"To develop a large-scale identification and navigation design project for more than 250 types of products by Soyuzsnab HORECA. The project was implemented within the framework of launching a new brand of high-quality ready-made ingredients for cafe and restaurant chefs.

The packaging design simultaneously solves the tasks of simplicity and clarity. The product should be conspicuous in a professional kitchen. A first glance at the product should give a clear idea of what is inside. It was also necessary to develop the system of visual differentiation of ingredients: their purpose for various dishes and their correspondence to different groups of products."



Designed by Nadie Parshina for Soyuzsnab