Student Spotlight: Mullholland Four Piece Leather Survival Kit

Texan Designer Steven Schroeder created branding and packaging for Mulholland, a leather goods brand. Schroeder positioned Mullholland as a company that can fit in anywhere from four star resaurants by day and dive bars by night.



"The project, Mullholland Four Piece Leather Survival Kit was created as a gift for people who signed up for the Mulholland Adventure Club (an elite club full of offers, free stuff, and membership benefits) as a kit you can bring with you incase you run into any problems while traveling. Using the concept of Four Stars and Dive bars I created the packaging using a variation of different styles on the wrapper, fold out, and products inside and contrasting high end wrappers with dirty sounding names."

Designd by Steven Schroeder as a senior project at University of North Texas.