Kiyutaro Weather Station

05 29 2013 KiyutaroWeatherStation 1

Taiwan based design firm, Victor branding Design created wonderful package design for Kiyutaro "Different kinds of weather can cause different taste sensations; this assumption provides the backdrop against which the packaging design of the food label kiyutaro was designed. The way the spicy taste of wasabi brings tears to the eyes is similar to rain falling on people’s faces on a rainy day; the aroma of curry is associated with the wind on a beautiful moonlit night; and the sweet taste of caramel is connected with sunshine."



"Accordingly, the white cardboard packaging features distinctive typographical labels that identify the different meteorologically inspired product names such as “Thunder storm” or “Sunny day”, complemented by drawn illustrations showing reduced and charming motifs. The idea here is that these illustrations integrate the product itself, a popular Taiwanese root snack, in its actual shape as sunbeams, raindrops or thunder, by presenting it visually on the packaging. Thus, in an original way, consumers are offered new experiences of taste that congenially correspond to different weather conditions."

Designed by Victor Branding Design Corp./ Taichung, Taiwan 

Head of Marketing: Fred Wang, B. B. Shee

Creative Direction: Chung Yuan Kuo

Art Direction: Bee Liu

Graphic Design: Johnny Hsu

Copy: Lynn Lin

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