Two glowing bottles stand as heroes inside the anthracite handmade frame. Inspired by the harsh Mexican SUN, dialogue between the raw-printed outer and rich bottle inner creates a dramatic contrast. The brand story printed inside celebrates the rich Mexican culture and energizing SUN. Signed-off - Espiritu Libre. The authentic wooden box, carried by the red leather strap, is crafted, valuable and durable. By sliding the under-side base of the box, the box unlocks to release two bottles. When lifted the enticing bottles are waiting to be enjoyed. A curious conversation starter!



"Create something that would trigger the Horeca owners to think positively about the new SOL. The presentation needed to be unique, something not in the mass market, and that would have value for the Horeca owner. This audience is very demanding and often have a 'I have seen it all before' attitude so the solution had to have extra value to be memorable."

Designed by VBAT



05 25 2013 SOL 205 25 2013 SOL 305 25 2013 SOL 6