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In a world of cookie-cutter products, Protea is on a mission to make wines that dare to be exotic and beautiful, in every way imaginable. "We’ve broken new ground by offering our uniquely delicious wines in designer-crafted bottles. The inspiration for our brand is the protea (PROH-tee-uh). It’s a flower that comes in such a dizzying diversity of sizes and colors; each blossom you spot is somehow a little more exotic and special than the last one. Kind of like our wines – and our bottles. We sought out designer Mark Eisen, who after conquering the fashion industry has turned his attention to artistic glass."



"Using an advanced screen application in which nontoxic ink fuses with the glass at a very high temperature, Eisen was able to transfer his evocative designs directly onto and wrapped around the bottle. In the process, he transformed the bottles from mere containers to objects of beauty and contemplation. As special as they are, protea bottles are the ultimate in green: Sure, recycling is good, but reusing is better. Your bottle of protea will be emptied at the table, with great pleasure, and then take on new life holding floral displays, or olive oil, or any favorite beverage."

Designed by protea



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