Joe's Ice Cream

A local ice cream with a national following, Joe's Ice Cream has been based in the small town of Mumbles in Wales for nearly 100 years, yet it is so popular that people travel from all over the UK to come and try it for themselves.

Joe’s wanted to increase the retail price of their product in supermarkets, but their positioning and packaging was holding them back. In addition, 2012 marked Joe’s 90th Anniversary, and the refreshed packaging was to play a key part in marking this huge milestone for the company. The brief required a total rethink of the packaging across 10 flavours, to ensure it added value to the brand both emotionally and monetarily.



"The new packaging pays homage to the brand's cult following, featuring a nostalgic, typographic style made up from positive customer reviews of gathered from travel website Trip Advisor and Facebook. The design puts Joe’s fans at the heart of the brand, cementing their comments across all packaging. What started as a pure packaging exercise evolved into a complete brand overhaul, extending across everything from menus to posters to drinks cartons.

The new packaging has allowed Joe’s to increase its retail price and build its presence in Welsh branches of Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. Alongside the packaging, the new look has evolved beyond the packaging and is being rolled out across all their ice cream parlours, with a flagship store in Cardiff due to be launched later this year."

Designed by Unreal