Freia Melkebart

Freia Melkebart is Norway's leading chocolate brand.

"The name Melkebart is key to the design of this pacakging. It helped to solve the challenging roll format. We added a moustache. It comes in 4 different type of moustache variations. Right after launch, with no intent, people started to post photos online showing their moustache styles. Just google the name to see its appeal to your playful side."



"The name Melkebart (Milk Moustache) describes the milk filling in each roll. Base on this fact it has become Freia's most well known product. Their range of milk chocolates (Melkesjokolade in Norwegian), start with Melke.

The different mustaches are:

  1. Røverbart – Robber's moustache
  2. Pyntebart – Dandy moustache
  3. Rulle- og tullebart – Funny handlebar
  4. Hvalross – Walrus"

Designed by Scandinavian Design Group