Awake Chocolate

Stay awake with caffeinated chocolate! It will make you a night owl.

"When this Toronto-based company came to us, they had a great idea and a fledgling brand. Seeing the far-reaching potential, (caffeinated chocolate, what a great idea) we dove in with a complete rebrand from the ground up."



"Starting with the identity, we created a new look and feel, a spokes-character (Nevil, the owl), as well as branded swag. We even got to design the bar itself.

Then it was on to create a loyal fan base through both digital and physical engagements—featuring an Ambassador program for campus reps, a nation-wide college campus Eyes Wide Open Tour, website, facebook presence, and even a Twitter feed for Nevil.

In the end, we delivered a truly transformational brand complete with a transmedia campaign designed specifically to deepen the brand’s relevance based on each media’s strength." 

Designed by Tether