St. James Winery, Frontier Selection

St. James Winery asked Sugarman Design to rejuvenate and differentiate their dry and semi-dry varietal wine group with the creation of a second label to be called Frontier Selections. They wanted the new label to position the Frontier Selection group as a unique entity, separate from the entirely sweet wine reputation of St. James Winery. 



"St. James wanted to tell the story of the scenic Ozark Highlands region, well known for the iconic Route 66, spring fed rivers, oak forests and is famous for stellar canoeing, camping, hiking, kayaking and trout fishing. In addition, they wanted to establish the entire St. James region as a destination.

Sugarman Design gave the St. James Winery logo a fresh new twist. To maintain a connection with other St. James brand, we started with University, the typestyle of the old logo and a font that was popular in the 1970's. We updated it by reshaping and rearranging the characters to create a distinctive new shape. 

We then created a gestural drawing representing the rolling hills of the Ozark Highlands to wrap around the bottle. To reflect local history, the focal point is Friendship School, a one-room schoolhouse adjacent to the winery, which was built in the late 1800s by Italian immigrants. 

Sugarman's brand identity can also be seen on the new St. James Frontier Selections web page."

Designed by Sugarman Design, Fair Oaks, California