Pams Baking Tins


"Pams is New Zealand’s largest Private Label brand with a loyal following of consumers who enjoy its fresh take on packaging. As well as always aiming to ‘surprise and delight’, Pams delivers on quality, aesthetic appeal and affordability.

When the opportunity arose to celebrate Pams’ 75th Anniversary, the idea emerged to create some very beautiful, very collectable baking tins. This stemmed from Pams‘ early beginnings in baking products."



"Contemporary New Zealand printmaker Penny Stotter was commissioned for the project and her love of pattern making and affinity with native New Zealand flora and fauna were perfect for the series of iconic designs.

And although they are modern, for locals they have a slight nostalgic reference to a kitch part of New Zealand’s visual culture, which probably began in the ‘50s. Household items like tea towels and coasters used to be prevalent, celebrating all things local, native and souvenir.

The design result is a crisp, modern series in fresh black and white with a restrained use of colour, making them highly collectable - as a spectrum or in their individual colourways.

And needless to say, the sales figures for flour have gone through the roof!"

This range was designed by Brother Design Ltd in Auckland, New Zealand.