The Secrets of the Package Design Universe, REVEALED at The Dieline Conference

The secrets of the packaging design Universe, REVEALED by packaging professionals from...

Duffy & Partners
Stranger & Stranger
The Coca-Cola Company
Turner Duckworth

... just to name a few!

Elevate The Role of Package Design & Designers:

Brand strategies are now being built from the package outward. In a major shift, brand expression is centering in the package design, architecting all brand touch points.

Successful brand managers and designers understand the value of starting with the package first. At The Dieline Package Design Conference 2013, package designers will discover how to gain recognition and respect by articulating what your design means to a brand.

Here's a sampling of the inspiring sessions, revealing case studies and fascinating insider discussions you'll choose from at The Dieline Package Design Conference:


Keynote: The Semiotics of Branding

With Cheryl Swanson, Co-Founder, Toniq


Eco Doesn't Have to Be Boring

With Tim Hankins, Head Designer for The Honest Company


Cultural Shifts and the Changing Face of Retail Packaging  

With William Harper, Senior Creative Director, Kaleidoscope
and Jim Warner, Global Managing Design Director, Kaleidoscope


The Importance of Risk Taking, For Better or Worse  

With Kevin Shaw, Founder & Creative Director, Stranger & Stranger
Dennis Whalen, Vice President, Michael Osborne Design,
and Hamish Campbell, Creative Director, Pearlfisher






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Diane Lindquist