Absolut México

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"MÉXICO limited edition ABSOLUT born as a result of the spirit and philosophy of ABSOLUT VODKA not repeated, innovate and resume human intention transcendence through utilitarian object.

In turn, this bottle serves as the support for the work of a Mexican contemporary artist retakes ancient symbols. These are recipients of a worldview that should not be forgotten and that can and should be shared and understood by everyone."



"For ABSOLUT VODKA someone could not have been better to make this collaboration, since the technique of Dr. Lakra is to intervene existing objects, in this case the ABSOLUT VODKA bottle ironic with their own interpretation of very specific elements of our culture, and that's exactly what was intended in this edition so special.

MÉXICO ABSOLUT involves the work of a team of professional talent now part of ABSOLUT world. No photograph of Mauritius, the direction of Bernardo, the music of Julian or criticism of Frederick, tell this story we are unable."

Designed by Absolut México in collobration with Jerónimo López Ramírez, Bernardo Loyola, Julián Placencia, Mauricio Alejo, and Federico Márquez Padilla


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