Web Chat Sponsored by The Dieline: Creating Experiences through Interactive Packaging

Innovation Excellence is delighted to invite you to explore a question that is a the center of packaging today: Are you and your team ready for the opportunities NFC (Near Field Communications) technology will bring to interactive packaging?

If you’re a designer, brand owner or retailer, exponential changes in the way people interact with packaging at shelf are on the horizon. If this subject is not on your agenda, this web chat will bring you up to date on the best thinking in the industry.

This technology will be a platform for creative disruption because by 2014, 570 million cell phones will be shipped with Near Field Communications (NFC) technology. Asia will lead the way, with Americas and Europe, lagging 10% behind.



Why should you care?

  • Consumers’ experience at their fingertips will change
  • Brand owner’s will be challenged to compete in this medium
  • Designers’ specifications and field of “the possible” will change

We’ll have a lively conversation about what it will mean when consumers can and will begin to communicate with the brand through packaging using their smart phones.



Diane Lindquist