Tasti Ready to Eat Fruit

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“It doesn’t get much better than this! Sunshine on your back and sweet orchard air. Nature hasn’t changed much since out two Kiwi founders began searching the world for the finest ingredients over eight decades ago. And what a Tasti adventure they started…”



"This back of pack copy sums up the pride and rediscovered heritage that Tasti has enjoyed since its brand relaunch.

From back in the day Tasti has always been about the best taste and best ingredients. These Ready to Eat fruit packs take you right to the source with beautiful fruit and a natural orchard setting. The fresh white stands out on shelf and is the perfect background to highlight all that fruity deliciousness.

Before the logo redesign and packaging overhall, New Zealand consumers weren’t even sure if Tasti was a New Zealand company. With a generic red logo, its valuable heritage was as well hidden. And although Tasti had a broad range of products in the Muesli Bar, Baking and Ready to Eat Fruit categories, overall brand distinction and consumer recollection of the old logo was minimal.

Our challenge was to bring their great story to life and create a recognisable brand with a consistent look and feel, yet individual pack designs for their varied products.

And so a proud new Tasti was relaunched with a black logo that endorses Tasti’s local history and reflects the quality of the “naturally delicious ingredients” that Tasti has always delivered."

This range was designed by Brother Design Ltd in Auckland, New Zealand.



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