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This is a product of Duel Supply Co., Los Angeles, CA. Made using only the finest materials, ingredients and superior workmanship. Duel products are produced in limited runs and are, by nature of this process, one of kind.

This product was designed with the intention not to be for every man. It is meant for the discerning man. It is based off 1800's barber shop recipes that had thought to have been lost with time. Duel discovered these recipes and after 2 years of perfecting them, they are ready to share with the world.

The overall Duel brand identity is based off vintage wood block lettering but made contemporary to represent the fusion of past and present.

The grooming line identity is period specific (1800's) to when the recipes were developed. The grooming products labeling references old Bourbon labels (base notes of the grooming line are different liquors e.g. Bourbon and Vodka) and Civil War military paperwork.



Designed by Alex Harman



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