Green Hat Gin

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Green Hat Gin, by New Columbia Distillers, is the first hard-spirits distiller in the District of Columbia since prohibition. Packaging and branding by Design Army






"Our gin is a truly unique artisanal spirit. Each batch of Green Hat Gin is crafted in our small DC distillery. The result is a super-premium gin that excels both in the finest cocktails and with a small cube in the gin-lover’s neat glass.

We mill the highest quality soft winter wheat fresh for each batch and mash it in a temperature-controlled process to release the sugars needed for fermentation. The mash is then fermented to create the “beer” that feeds our distillation process.
After being concentrated and clarified in our traditional copper pot still, two more distillations transform the crystal spirit into a refined and gently aromatic gin. In the final distillation, we suspend our hand-selected botanicals inside the still to allow passing spirit vapors to gently extract the right flavor and scent notes.
Finished with chill filtering and bottled by hand at the distillery, Green Hat Gin is a Washington original.

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