Student Spotlight: Cornish College of the Arts, Condom Packaging Project

04 08 13 CCAstudent 1

Robynne Rayes of Modern Dog Design Co. sent us a set of condom packaging designs from her class at Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle WA. We've selected some for your inspiration and well...humor.

Which ones are you favorites? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 



"I started teaching at Cornish in January 2000, and this year I decided to assign condoms because after a quick survey it was easy to see that the industry has not really stayed current with today's trends. I wanted students to approach the projects with very few restrictions. For example, they were not required to attach any of the required government warnings or be concerned about corporate licensing at this stage. They were encouraged to take risks with their design, understanding that responsibility didn't have to mean a boring condom package."

Designed by: Packaging Design Students Cornish College of the Arts,  Seattle WA 


Project: Condom Packaging 

Client: Trojan
Instructor: Robynne Raye
All images © and photography: Cornish College of the Arts and the individual students listed.



04 08 13 CCAstudent 5

"Smart Travel" by Yvette Agduyeng, using humor to attract her target demographic.


04 08 13 CCAstudent 9

Louie Johnson created "Bare Necessities", a grab and go impulse buy meant to be stocked near cash registers at convenience stores.


04 08 13 CCAstudent 2

Sarah Xanthakis designed "Woodpecker" for married couples. Her idea was to make the packaging attractive enough that it could be kept out in the open. She even went the extra step and designed a box of tissues.


04 08 13 CCAstudent 3

Rou Beuchat created "Box"  Target Audience: Women


04 08 13 CCAstudent 4

"Forbidden Fruit" by Will Story


04 08 13 CCAstudent 4

Carolyn Yang created "Petax", targeting teenagers. Her idea included the dispenser which is meant to be placed in public bathrooms.


04 08 13 CCAstudent 5

"Nokturnal" by Elise Moreno targets teenage girls with character driven packaging.


04 08 13 CCAstudent 6

Haley Luden's "Produce Aisle" uses humor targeting teenage boys.


04 08 13 CCAstudent 7

"grind" condoms include a free itunes download. Design: Helen Hodges

04 08 13 CCAstudent 8

Jessaka Parmley created "Happy Go Lucky", a homage to Lucky cigarettes and the hit Television series "Mad Men", with different types of condoms names after the shows characters.


04 08 13 CCAstudent 10

Lisa Brougher's condoms "Sergeant Major" uses Marine humor to hit the target audience (received enthusiastically by several Marine blogs).


04 08 13 CCAstudent 12

"Ion" packaging by Nina Naeher. Individual condoms take their design cues from the flat lithium batteries.



04 08 13 CCAstudent 14

"Cloud 9" by Patrick Felman


04 08 13 CCAstudent 15

"Flip Me Over" quicky pack by Renee Legaux


04 08 13 CCAstudent 19

Amanda Feldman's "Gift Wrap" is a direct appeal to a female demographic.
Trojan Top Coat: Collin Breit