Federal 52 Deck

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Designer, Jackson Robinson shared this beautiful design created from labor of love with us. Check out the US currency inspired design, the Kickstarer Video, and a time lapse of the inking process of the Ace of Heart  after the jump! 



"I begin by gathering a multitude of reference images of US currency throughout history. I then sketch out a rough idea of the composition and layout while still trying to stay true to original playing card design. I will then either Ink over the pencil sketch or create the images digitally. My main goal is to glorify the beautiful art of currency and engraving and at the same time still make a functional deck of playing cards. The box design, or what is called the "Tuck Case" is the apex of all of the designs contained within. When I designed the Tuck Cases I wanted them to have an incredible amount of detail and pageantry. The Tuck Case represents the culmination of the entire body of work."

Designed by Jackson Robinson

Video Directed by Taylor Robinson of Six Foot Five Productions



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Federal 52 Kickstarter Video from Jackson Robinson on Vimeo.


Federal 52 - Inking of the Ace of Hearts timelapse from Jackson Robinson on Vimeo.