New Cornetto Identity and Packaging

04 08 13 corenetto 1

London design company Carter Wong has completed the rebranding of an iconic ice cream product – the Cornetto. Created some fifty years ago, the brand is shaking off its roots as a seasonal, out of home treat to sit alongside snacks as something to enjoy at home and share any time of the year. The rebrand gives the product a more youthful appeal, aimed at a 14-25 year old market. The visual changes signal and support a range of innovations in the product and product range that will reposition the brand worldwide.



The visual changes begin with a complete re-design of the Cornetto logo. The shaping of the logotype ‘Owns the cone’, and playfully mimics the shape of the cone, with a large ‘C’ at the top end, tailing off to the ‘tto’ and the tip, becoming the primary interface with consumers. The easy-to-recognise graphic nature of the word mark avoids language issues, much like the ubiquitous Coca-Cola logo. Freezer cabinet standout is now greatly enhanced by the stronger, dynamic branding.


New Identity 

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The re-design is carried across the premium Enigma range, which signal their different recipes with the aid of clear perspex coned lids that reveal an enticing peak of ice cream at the top and chocolate swirl patterns interwoven with their flavour colour coding. 


Cornetto Enigma Before


04 08 13 corenetto 6


Cornetto Enigma After 


04 08 13 corenetto 5


Cornetto Mix Mini 

04 08 13 corenetto 4

Cornetto Classic 

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Cornetto Cabinet


To appeal to a more youthful audience Cornetto have teamed up with MTV to run ‘Festival of Music’ events across Italy this Summer, for which we have created an illustrative identity around our new Cornetto logo to apply to everything from tickets to trucks.


04 08 13 corenetto 7


To support the new branding and packaging, Carter Wong has created guidelines for point of sale collateral to inspire local design and sales teams the world over. 


Cornetto A board