Toni's Eierlikör

“Products from the ‘Toni’s’ brand have always stood for the theme of “freedom” – as the brand is the pioneer of the famous organic free-range eggs in Austria. The hens at “Toni’s”have been enjoying life, roaming around in freedom, for more than 25 years – a question of attitude and of good taste."



"Therefore, the visionary, Toni Hubmann, continues to adopt new and sustainable approaches. How wonderful that there is now also Toni’s fine egg liqueur, made of original Stroh Inländer Rum, real Fairtrade vanilla, lots of love (after all, the slogan is: “from Toni’s with love”) experience and of course, fine Toni’s free-range eggs.

In order to protect the taste even more, it is filled into shapely glass, swing top bottles and wrapped in a sturdy, beautifully illustrated box. The typography and colours of the new, 100% recyclable, packaging have high brand recognition. A feast for both the eyes and the palate.”

Designed by Moodley