Pandora's Amphora

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"Hand picked Vermentino, Fiano Moscato, Giallo. Naturally fermented in a single amphora.

According to Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman created – a gift to the first man. The legend of 'Pandora's Box' is widely known, though maybe not so widely know is that the 'box' was actually a wine amphora. When Pandora opened the amphora, gifted to her by Zeus, all the evils of the world escaped. All that remained inside was, Hope."



"A brand mark was developed for Pandora's Amphora consisting of a monogram combining the overlapping letters P and A in the form of a jug-like vessel. Hand-crafted custom typography accompanies the monogram, the forms of both inspired by a mysterious makers mark found pressed into the clay underneath the peeling paint of the ancient amphora used to ferment the wine. The brand name is cradled by a simplified rendition of the hand-painted floral fresco found on the clay amphora, hand painted using a digital Wacom tablet in place of the traditional brushes of the original artisan.

The bottle has been sealed with a custom-coloured and double hand-dipped wax, holding in place a printed satin ribbon which acts as an opening device. The ribbon is exposed at one end, the wax concealing all but the start of a printed sentence, enticing the viewer to tear open to read on and discover more of the legend contained within."

Designed and illustrated by Jeremy DV Boyd 
Client: Ducks In A Row Winemakers (McLaren Vale, South Australia)
Bottle: SaVer Glass
Wax: Kings Wax
Printing: Precision Labels
Assembly: WineWorks Australia
Photography: © asbCreative 



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