Dr. McGrath's

"Elinor McGrath was one of the first female Veterinarians in the U.S. She made her way to the Chicago Veterinary College and in 1907 was the first woman admitted to the school. She founded the first pet cemetary in Chicago and was known for having a holiday tree in her clinic that was decorated with gifts for the animals in her care. Dr. McGrath's Animal Shampoo was created in her honor, and a portion of the proceeds go to two different scholarships in her name that support students in Animal Sciences. With a touch of humor the packaging and website pay tribute to Dr. McGrath and the time period she lived in."



Dr. McGrath's Original Conditioning Animal Shampoo embodies sensible simplicity - Made with plant based cleansers, apple cider vinegar, natural emollients, glycerin, and organic herbal extracts it's old school but with a nod to modern grooming science.

Art direction and Design By: John Kendall


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