Before & After: Snapea Crisps

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"With an opportunity to reposition and repackage their existing two-SKU line, Calbee North America sought to grow the brand by leveraging their small, but loyal salty-snack / salad topper customer base. Though intentions are to remain in the produce department of traditional grocery and the snack aisle of club and natural food retailers, the new brand position was the driver behind the expanded six-SKU line of multi-occasion snacks that deliver tasty, delicious, good-for-you fun from nature."



"This brand positioning, the new umbrella brand name, Harvest Snaps, and the addition of a complementary Lentil Snaps product line was basis for the packages' new, dramatic look and feel. Front panel graphics underscore the brand's obsession with wholesome, natural ingredients while back panel content shares its fun, quirky product story."

Client: Calbee North America
Design Firm: Catapult Strategic Design
Creative Director: Art Lofgreen
Art Director/Designer: Andrew Harrison
Illustrator: Michael Bast



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