Bach Expresso

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"Bach (pronounced ‘batch’) Espresso is a retail Café franchise brand – in a highly competitive New Zealand market, dominated by small local boutique coffee roasters. Coats were briefed to reinvigorate the Brand across all formats – coffee bags, sugar sticks, cups, staff uniforms and café fixtures.

The existing Bach brand had no emotive story connecting it to its unique origins – the classic Kiwi family bach. The Kiwi bach is an integral part of the relaxed Kiwi family holiday scene. Our inspiration came from the retro 1950s summer bach, a simple construction, often beachside, that’s been handed down through generations of Kiwi families. These have been built, added on to and evolved over many years resulting in an eclectic assortment of materials and hand-me-down furniture and fixtures."



"Coats developed retro typography and icons, colours and patterns, and a weathered woodgrain effect working together to capture those affectionately held memories of the 50/60s Kiwi Bach, supported with a relaxed copy content and style.

The result is a lively and vibrant coffee Brand in a friendly style that evokes those fondly remembered relaxed and indulgent time out moments for the Bach coffee drinker."

Designed by COATS DESIGN, Auckland, New Zealand 



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