@ The Dieline Conference: The Importance of Risk Taking, For Better or Worse - Kevin Shaw, Dennis Whalen, Hamish Campbell

Kevin Shaw, Dennis Whalen, and Hamish Campbell will be speaking at The Dieline Package Design Conference 2013 on The Importance of Risk Taking, For Better or Worse.


The Importance of Risk Taking, For Better or Worse

We've all been to numerous conferences and seen beautiful presentations that proudly show amazing work that has resulted in incredible ROI and a plethora of industry awards. The designer-client relationship is always portrayed as fabulous - full of smiles, hugs and repeat business without RFPs. But why don't we ever hear about the things gone awry? The uncomfortable "I hope nobody ever hears about this" stuff? We three have experienced both sides of the business and would like to share with you some of our greatest failures and also our belief that while nerve-wracking, it is often the risk taking (for better or worse) that results in the most groundbreaking creativity.


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