We Rub You

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"We Rub You is a start-up Korean food company, launched over the summer of 2011. After an incubation period and proof of concept at Brooklyn Flea's Smorgasburg, the company decided to overhaul its brand personality, which launched in February 2013. Behind the new look is the design firm Little Fury (Esther Mun & Tina Chang)."




"Visually designing the personality of We Rub You was infinitely challenging, particularly given its dual Korean-American identity. Sisters & Co-founders Ann & Janet Chung wanted the brand ID to be authentically Korean (and not generically Asian) and recognizably American, just as they are Korean-Americans. They wanted the brand personality to exude Friendly Korea vs Foreign Korea. They wanted colors that popped and also to have a dual language label. They wanted all of this encapsulated in the context of food packaging and a website.

Little Fury was design at its best. They hit all the notes of being Korean, American, Friendly and Food. All while demonstrating strong visual sense, professionalism, and the ability to work with a start-up company."

Designed by Little Fury (Esther Mun & Tina Chang)

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