Hornstull Honey Amber

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Hornstull Brewing Society is a dedicated group of people with small egos and big dreams. Together, they are united by their love of beer and Hornstull.



"Hornstull Honey Amber is their bottled tribute to Hornstull, a neighbourhood in southern Stockholm, Sweden. The beer has a special character, unique blend and unpolished qualities. Just like the area itself.

It's an amber ale with honey from a local beehive, brewed by Pangpang Brewery exclusively for Hornstull Brewing Society.

Hornstull Brewing Society wanted us to create a unique label that would stand out amongst the polished, colorful beers served in the area. We created a clean contemporary label with a little bit of roughness. The illustration of the rat with knifes is a wordplay on the local term "stabbing-Södermalm".

The first batch of beer came in a accidentally limited edition. We brewed 300 bottles, then - whoof! The burner burnt. Each of the bottles is numbered by hand."

Designed by Abby Norm, Stockholm

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