S.W. Basics

S.W. Basics is a truly all-natural sustainable skincare based in Brooklyn.



Adam Poor states: 

We make all-natural, sustainable skincare using only 5 ingredients or less. The company used to be called Sprout Wellness, and the packaging was covered in a variety of brand messages. We decided it was time for the brand to grow up a bit and pare down the messages to better convey the idea of the minimalism of our line. But we also didn't want to confuse any of our existing customers. So, SMAKK Studios helped us come up with the name S.W. Basics and streamlined our old labels to simply and powerfully call out the number of ingredients, while also bringing more of our company personality, which is super-important for our brand and was really missing from our old packaging, in the bracketed quotes that appear under the product names. Overall, we feel like they knocked it out of the park.


Designed by SMAKK Studios for S.W. Basics

Creative Director: Katie Klencheski

Designer: Nate Tate

Copywriter: Adam Poor