@ The Dieline Conference: The Semiotics of Branding - Cheryl Swanson

02 18 13 Cheryl

Cheryl Swanson, Co-Founder of Toniq, will be our first of two opening keynotes at The Dieline Package Design Conference 2013

The Semiotics of Branding: 

 Is your brand telling the story it needs to tell or does the narrative need to be refined and optimized? How do culturally-driven codes influence consumer behavior and what are the differences between a fad and a social force with staying power? Understanding these relationships are vital in leveraging brand communications that tap into universal market needs and desires. The powerful tools of Semiotics provide keys to these insights. In this session, Cheryl Swanson reveals the key semiotic elements underlying the communicative power of brands.

About Cheryl: 
Cheryl Swanson co-founded Toniq, a strategy and innovation firm, in 1999 and typically works with clients of the big Fortune 500 variety. She has pioneered methodologies for innovation, positioning and visual language development based on her background in anthropology, sociology, the psychology of symbolism and semiotics. She also speaks globally on the topic of branding and has a book in the works on the Semiotics of Branding.
About The Dieline Conference:
Brands and designers are beginning to understand the value of starting with the package first. At The Dieline Package Design Conference, you’ll get package design inspiration in the form of fantastic work from packaging industry experts, tips on effective processes and advice on successfully reinventing brands. 
The world’s best package designers will share their hard-earned wisdom on becoming an indispensable brand leader. With over 20 sessions you’ll learn to get respect for your expertise, be more articulate about what design means to your brand, and more. In short, The Dieline Package Design Conference will inspire you to become a brand leader… so you can design a better brand.