Student Spotlight: CEO dishwashing detergent

02 15 13 ceo 1

CEO (Clean Easy Optimizer) is a team project at British High School of Art and Design. The task was to develop a package design for a dishwashing detergent. As the target audience we chose a young girl, lack-in-office, pedantic and seeking comfort. We have created a package for her with a new principle of applying detergent to the sponge, which makes washing up much more easier. The product line consists of 4 flavors — Neutral, Aloe, Honey and Dogrose.



As one can see the shape of package is also different from usual shape of a bottle with detergent. Under the cover there are located the sponge and the button-dispenser. 

Designed by Vi Smykova, Nikita Petrov, Masha Solyankina, Roman Vlasov, British High School of Art and Design, Moscow 



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