Deli Garage Honey Bond

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"Finest honey – with Ceylon cinnamon, Bourbon vanilla or cocoa-mint. Filled in a classic glue bottle that makes exact portioning a piece of cake.The Deli Garage is a food label that sells hand-made delicatessen foods in lovingly designed packaging."



"LIABILITY ACCEPTED The Deli Garage HONEY BOND is produced in a teeny-weeny one-man apiary near Hamburg, in the Altes Land – the largest fruit-growing region in central Europe. The honey is hand-made with a little friendly assistance from a hard-working colony of busy bees. The next step is to combine and refine the golden mass with the individual flavorings: Ceylon cinnamon, Bourbon vanilla and cocoa-mint – all 100% organically produced. The result of all this hard work and effort is a deliciously sticky means of adhering slices of bread, croissants and crepes, or adding a little refinement to desserts, hot drinks and sauces. Exact portioning is a piece of cake, too with the Deli Garage HONEY BONDs classic glue bottle packaging. We accept complete liability for the wonderfully delicate taste!"

Designed by Korefe, Germany 

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