John&Kira's: Urban Garden Chocolate Bars

John & Kira's Urban Garden Chocolate Bars features ingredients from five urban gardens in Philadelphia, Chicago, and Washington, DC. Urban Garden flavors are Mighty Mint, Tangy Orange + Garden Rosemary, and Chili Pepper + Almond Urban Garden Chocolate Bars highlight fresh mint, rosemary, and guajillo peppers. The packaging design tells the story behind each flabor and where the ingredients are from. 




"Each garden that we partner with harvests some combination of mint,rosemary, chili peppers, lavender, or other herbs for us that we use to flavor our Urban Garden Bars. We share the story of the gardens on the chocolate bar packaging, on our website, and in our catalog. We supply the plants, buy what is harvested, and also give 5% of all bar sales back to the gardens. We also sponsor fundraisers and awareness campaigns and other activities throughout the year to show our support.
For everyone at John and Kira’s, working with the gardens adds so much more to our jobs.
These projects fit perfectly with our philosophy. It is our hope that our creations offer you two opportunities for personal enjoyment. The first is to take pleasure in the amazingly delicious chocolates themselves. The second is the opportunity to commune (through the palate) with the farmers and growers that create our flavors. One of our hopes is that the taste of the bars will pique interest in the school garden movement and ultimately motivate people to support similar local projects."
Urban Garden Partners: Urban Nutrition Initiative in Philadelphia, The Village of Arts and Humanities in Philadelphia, Common Good City Farm in Washington, Whitney M Young Magnet High School in Chicago, and Teens4Good in Philadelphia

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