Decades of Culture

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"Casa Rex, the multi-awarded international design consultancy with offices in São Paulo and London, has created the “Decades of Culture” collection, an exclusive range of products developed for the Brazilian bookstore chain Livraria Cultura, in celebration of its 65th anniversary." 



"The collection consists of notebooks, bookmarks, buttons, pencils and eco-bags amongst other items. The creative concept developed for the collection is a tribute to the vast cultural production that has developed over the years. The result is an innovative product line identity that captures the unique spirit of past decades through collages of the world’s main cultural icons."

'Each example from the collection is made up of a mashup of distinctive visual languages —objects , photographs and illustrations — piecing together a variety of visual fragments from renowned arts, music and cinema icons of each decade. All of these might not have seemed like a good fit at first, but it all comes together in an unrestrained, yet captivating series of “portraits” of past times.' says Gustavo Piqueira, head of the design consultancy and also the creative director of the project together with Samia Jacintho and Ana Lobo.

A 60’s themed playing card deck was also developed, featuring some of the decade’s main cultural personalities as the figures on the cards.

Designed by Casa Rex, Brazil 


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