Student Spotlight: The Original Kingsford Charcoal

"Third Annual 2012 IOPP Repackaging contest and was completed in 48-hours by Clarke Harris"



"My name is Clarke Harris, I'm a student studying graphic designa the University of Florida. This package was created in-part for the Third Annual 2012 IOPP Repackaging contest and was completed in 48-hours. The contest had four different items to repackage, one of them was charcoal. I replaced the common bag that charcoal is sold in with a geometrical pyramid package. A handle in the back offers a sound grip when transporting. Ready-to-light charcoal cancels any need for lighter fluid. Perhaps the most important feature of the Kingsford Quicklight is it's recyclebility; since the package and its contents are burned in the process there is no waste. The pyramid shape contrasted next to a paper bag offers the viewer a new visual experience and may appeal as a superior product while still staying cost-effective."

The Kingsford Quicklight received third-place at the Third Annual 2012 48-Hour Repack.

Designed by Clarke Harris



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