Day Trader: Financial Board Game

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Daytrader is a really funny and educational game created by Samir Lyons. It's a financial board game that brings you the thrills and chills of investing in the stock market but without real risk. It's simple, educational and fun.

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"Italic was enlisted to give Daytrader a unique and playful look & feel. The design draws inspiration from classic American business signage and simple currency-like illustrations as a tribute to the golden age of finance and Wall Street. The Americana feel to the game adds a warm, approachable simplicity to the chaotic and complex world of economic affairs. Daytrader is designed so a wide range of people can enjoy the experience of playing, from families around the dinning room table, to finance gurus, students, board game geeks and beyond. "

Designed by Italic, a multidisciplinary creative studio located in Los Angeles, CA. The studio specializes in building brands from the ground up and in leading established brands into new directions.

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