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I find that a sleek contemporary take on Chinese Food Brand out side of Asia is a rarity. A handful of hip, contemporary chinese fusion places do pop up in Los Angeles every year, how ever, the immediate thought of a Chinese Restaurant in a western setting remains as the hole in the wall with little or no branding. Garbergs Project, Stockholm took the challenge of creating a complete brand and visual identity for Beijing 8, where the main task was to combine the ancient Chinese cuisine culture with young, Scandinavian values and style - also focusing on ecology and long term sustainability while reflecting 'slow fast food' 



"The design idea emphasizes the dynamics in the contrast between the simple, urban Nordic style and the colourful Chinese style. We do this by using plain, straightforward, recycled materials with small details in bright colours mixed in. The quality of the food served is reflected in the craftsmanship and details of the design. To keep the identity up to date we change the staff T-shirt every Chinese New Year, according to the Chinese zodiac.

"Beijing8 is a dumplings & tea restaurant chain for slow fast food with an organic state of mind. We’re currently 7 restaurants in 3 countries and serve 39 items on our menu. We also feature 8 portraits of our favorite creative Beijingers." 

Designed by Garbergs Project, Stockholm 

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